A little about me

Hello everyone! I have decided to start a blog about my everyday life in Australia. I recently moved here from small town USA to live with my boyfriend. I’ve thought about starting a blog for awhile now but didn’t really know what to do. Well I’ve finally decided to give it a go! A little background about me and why I am down under. About a year ago I met my now boy friend on an online game, I know dorky. Well a few months back he came to the USA to meet me and bring me back with him. So here I am living in beautiful WA. I’m waiting on a work visa so I thought why not start a blog to help keep myself busy. Hopefully you all will come back and visit often.



4 thoughts on “A little about me

  1. I visited Australia two years ago and love your new country. When I started my blog I took several of the WordPress Blogging University classes (Blogging 101,Blogging 201, Photography 101). I learned a ton about designing a blog and developing a following. You might want to look into it.


    • I have looked into those classes and started a couple of them they do give really good tips. Thanks for the advice. It is wonderful here I’m happy I am able to share my experience with everyone.


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